About Security Industry Canada

Security Industry Canada is a privately held website managed and run by 1 Republic Mobile Ltd. The goal of the website is to provide consumers a directory for all security companies in Canada. We provide company ratings and reviews, company contact information, helpful tips, and security related news to consumers. For security companies, we help them out by providing detailed listings which attract potential customers based on their location. We also offer advertisements and marketing strategies for security companies. Please note, we are not a security company, we are a security company directory and review site.

Consumers and employees can also write reviews on a security company’s customer service and employment standards, which will be reviewed and posted on the company’s profile.

All companies listed in Security Industry Canada Index are reviewed by us only if requested. For more information on reviews and ratings, and to apply for a review, go to our review application page. Companies who are not rated by us, will have a red colored notice stating that there is no review.

For information on how we base our reviews, please click here.