Customize and Edit a Listing

Security Industry Canada offers many services to security companies big and small. Every company can have access to a free listing on our directory. Here is an example. Below is a list of editing options you have for your directory listing.

Remove “Outbound Link Warning” – $50 (one time fee)

All outbound links from this website are yielded by a warning sign. Your competitors may advertise on the yield page, preventing potential customers from accessing your website. However, when the yield the link is removed, the link will redirect to your website normally and with out any interruptions. Buying this option will change the link on your page from to Click the links to view the examples.

Add additional cities and locations in search – $25 per additional City/Town

Every listing will be linked to one city or town, usually the city or town in which the head office of the company is. When some one searches for a security company in a city or town, and if your listing is not linked to it, your listing will not show up. Even if you provide a service to that specific area. Example, your listing is linked to Vancouver, but someone searches for security companies in Richmond. Even though Richmond and Vancouver are right beside each other, your listing will not appear unless you are linked to Richmond.

Ban reviews on your page – $50 per month

You can deny all future reviews on your directory listing. This will hide all previous reviews, negative or positive. This will however, not remove fraud complaints. To remove a fraud complaint, you must contact us.

Add a picture – $10 per picture (one time fee)

You can add pictures to your listing to make it more attractive to your viewers.

Remove a listing – No charge

If you want to remove a listing from our website directory, please click here.